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No goals in Kaluga – Metallurg game

The match ended in a draw

14 May. Kaluga. Annenki stadium.

“Kaluga” – “Metallurg” (Lipetsk) – 1:1

Goals: Gurov, 43 – Ahvlediani, 56.

Kaluga: Chernov, Kryuchkov, Lozenkov (Anisimov, 50), Dubrovin, Kisenkov, Rodin, Baranov, Shpakov (Losev, 58), Petrov (Oganesyan, 42), Semin (Anokhin, 75), Gurov.

Metallurg: Skripnikк, Viktorov, Titov K., Shiryaev, Podkovyrov, Kozhemyakin, Frolov (Ulyanichev, 86), Ivannikov (Kuzmichyov, 90+), Ovchinnikov (Barbashin, 69), Ahvlediani, Titov A.

Yellow cards: Anisimov, 88 – Barbashin, 8.

Referees: D. Smirnov, D. Stroganov, A. Prihodko (Moscow).

Inspector: S. Panteleyev (Tula).

The game that could easyly bring victory to each side ended in a disapointing result for both teams.

Kaluga rushed into atack in a very beginning of the game and on the 7th minute Denis Semin had a great opportunity as his shot ricocheted out of the pitch of the defender’s head. Metallurg replied with a chain of dangerous atacks that still lacked accuracy. On the 16th minute Denis Semin stole the ball and run towards the goal having tricked one of Lipetsk defenders on his way but his shot was far for accurate.

In the middle of the half after a cross of Alexander Petrov Skripnik shot the ball out of the box but Ivan Shpakov was first to the rebound and made a strike that was inches over the bar. The moments in Metallurg box appeared on and on and on the 43d minute they turned into a goal. Arsen Oganesyan made a cross to the box, Dmitry Baranov got the ball and made a one move short pass to Pavel Gurov who sent the ball right to the net 1:0!

The goal in the end of the first half turned Metallurg players angry and after the break they turned full atacking mod on. Having almost conceeded a goal from Dmitry Baranov they performed a dangerous atack that ended in Alexey Chernov’s save. On the 56th minute after a long cross that didn’t look dangerous Ruslan Ahvlediani freely made a strike and scored an equalizer.

After it both teams had their chances to grab a victory but both goalkeepers played confidently and the score didn’t change. 1:1.

Sunday May 14th, 2017

Tournament Table
Club Games Points
1 Avangard 24 45
2 Saturn 24 42
3 Torpedo 24 42
4 Energomash 24 41
5 Vityaz 24 40
6 Chertanovo 24 34
7 Metallurg 24 31
8 Ryazan 24 31
9 Dinamo 24 30
10 Kaluga 24 30
11 Zenit 24 27
12 Arsenal-2 24 17
13 Orel 24 15


25th Round Games
Zenit - Ryazan 2:0
Arsenal-2 - Chertanovo 1:3
Dinamo - Vityaz 2:0
Kaluga - Saturn 1:2
Torpedo - Avangard 1:1
Energomash - Metallurg 2:2
FC “Kaluga” strikers
Player Goals
Yuri Dubrovin 3
Alexander Petrov 3
Ivan Rodin 3
Pavel Gurov 3
Eugeny Losev 3
Dmitry Baranov 2
Ivan Shpakov 2
Vladimir Kisenkov 1
Artem Makhota 1
Denis Semin 1
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